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Vietnam Recycles kicks off household e-waste collection service

Since the beginning of 2018, Vietnam Recycles has launched a Household Collection program to create the most convenient conditions for individuals who need proper e-waste management and educate them on the value of a proper e-waste recycling to protect the environment and human health.

Households in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi can contact Vietnam Recycles at Hotline (0933882205) to request e-waste collection. The project participants gather end-of-life or faulty electrical and electronic products like computers, monitors, cellphones, printers, and batteries. Any home with at least one large-size device like a television set or printer, or at least ten small devices can register for free pick-up service via the Vietnam Recycles website or mobile phone.

Vietnam Recycles will arrange volunteers to come and collect by motorbike with an e-waste bin placed behind. A gift (trash bag, keychain or portable fan within program information) will be given to the household after collection. The equipment is then transported to the nearest collection point for storage.

In 2018, VNTC received 117 e-waste collection requests with 374 electronic devices being discarded in Ho Chi Minh City; 53 e-waste collection requests and 168 electronic devices were discarded in Hanoi.