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Why does my device need to be handled properly?

Electrical – electronic device contains a complex mixture of materials, components and other substances. Some substances in this mixture are harmful to human health and the environment. Although they do not pose a hazard during the normal use, these substances may become hazardous when the devices are improperly dismantled and handled.

If we send electronic waste to landfills or be dismantled by non-professionals, we will face the risk that these toxic substances will seep into soil, water and air. This will cause negative impacts on the environment and local people’s life.

Propagation of toxic substances



Normal disposal

and burial

Toxic substances

Polluting soil,

water, and air

Harming to

human health

Moreover, recycling will help us reduce our dependency on the depleting natural resources. Metals, plastics and glass contained in devices can be reused if properly recovered through recycling.

What are we collecting?

Send collection request

Individual/Household can request for free collection service if having at least 1 large electronic device or 10 small electronic products.

Note: Electronic batteries of all kinds are counted as only 1 product, each collection VR does not transport more than 50 small products.

Send collection request

Bring to VR’s collection points

In addition, individual/household customers may bring their used electronic devices to our collection points to drop off. So far, we have established 10 collection points in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Notes: Please make sure that all types of personal belongings, including data, are removed from the devices when you pass them to us. Unfortunately, we do not give back collected devices and do not support the security of accompanying data.

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