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How can enterprises handle electronic waste?

Facing the 4.0 technology revolution, the demand for device innovation of enterprises tends to increase sharply as laptops, printers, and everyday components become obsolete and sink into oblivion. By disposing of old devices properly, efficiently and environmentally-friendly, enterprises will gain many benefits. Not only contributing to protecting valuable resources, this practical action also helps enterprises comply with the Circular No. 36 on hazardous waste management when disposing of electronic waste in accordance with the procedure.

Conditions for free pick-up service for enterprises:

– Having at least 100kg of electronic waste
– In the collection list, at least 50% are HP or Apple products.

If your company does not have HP or Apple products, please contact Hotline: 0933882205 for support.

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Notes: Please make sure all types of personal belongings, including data, are removed from the devices before being disposed of. Unfortunately, we do not give back collected devices and do not support the security of accompanying data.

What are we collecting?

For electronic manufacturers

What services does Vietnam Recycles provide manufacturers?

– Carrying out the collection and processing of electronic waste in accordance with the regulations to effectively implement the Decision No. 16/2015/QD-TTg dated May 22, 2015 of the Prime Minister stipulating the take back and recycling of discarded products to reduce the volume of electronic waste discharged into the environment.

– Establishing electronic waste collection points including containers of international standards for hazardous waste collection.

– Provide a professional and environmentally-friendly management procedure.

How can I join the program?

Please contact Reverse Logistics Vietnam Co., Ltd. (RLG VN) for more information and guidance on how to become a member of Vietnam Recycles Program.

Hotline: 0933882205


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