About Us

What is Vietnam Recycles?

Vietnam Recycles is a free electronic waste take-back and recycling program initiated by electronic manufacturers in order to comply with the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 16/2015 on retrieval and disposal of discarded products and express the manufacturers’ responsibilities to the environment and community in take back and recycling of used or electronic devices in a safe, professional and environmentally-friendly manner.

All used electronic devices collected through this program will be safely processed in order to achieve maximum recovery rate of natural resources and ensure a professional electronic waste disposal process that meets the standards prescribed by regulations of enviroment law.

Treatment process of Vietnam Recycles

1. Collection
Electronic waste is collected from households or enterprises by our professional employees 

2. Transport
After collecting, all the devices will be transported to the hazardous waste treatment plant by a licensed truck

3. Classification 
The devices will be carefully sorted into different product categories & completely dismantled into different material streams

4. Handling & Recycling
The valuable materials will be transferred to the recycling units for recovery. The waste generated from devices will be put into a specialized treatment system.

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