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Vietnam Recycles will apply new collection categories from November 1st 2021

In line with the change of the Law on Environmental Protection 2020 relating to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) towards the objective of encouraging manufacturing enterprises to jointly promote recycling activities, Vietnam Recycles will apply changes to the e-waste collection categories accordingly.

Draft decree in the Law of Environmental Protection 2020

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has issued a Draft Decree on the Law on Environmental Protection 2020, in which a new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy was introduced in Vietnam. This can be seen as a new leverage point synergizing the state’s efforts in managing secondary material flows, towards a sustainable circular economy.

ERP is an environmental policy approach in which a producer’s responsibility for a product is extended to the end-of-life stage, to require the producer to have a plan to collect the product when it has become waste so that it can be sorted, treated, and recycled.

The draft also made an adjustment in the provisions of Articles 54 and 55 of the Law on Environmental Protection 2020, according to which producers are responsible for collecting the products they put on the market and meet the compulsory targets for take-back requirements established by MONRE.

Vietnam Recycles changes the collection categories to be consistent with Articles 54 and 55 of the Law on Environmental Protection 2020

As a recycling platform established by leading electronics manufacturers, Vietnam Recycles is always at the forefront in keeping up to date with new government regulations and policies. Accordingly, from 1st November 2021, Vietnam Recycles will start applying a new collection category, focusing more on equipment that the current members are manufacturing and trading in the market. This change is to be consistent with the adjustment in Articles 54 and 55 under the Draft Decree on Law on Environmental Protection 2020.

Specifically, Vietnam Recycles will focus on collecting devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers (CPU, Laptop,…), LCD computer screens, CRTs, printers, etc. fax machines, scanners, copiers and other electronic technology components…

For equipment not manufactured by members of our program such as small batteries (AA, AAA), tivi CRT, household appliances etc… Vietnam Recycles will discontinue the collection of such items from the above-stated date. Producers who manufacture such products would have to find solutions to collect and recycle these products which they have sold to the market in order to comply with the new provisions of the Law on Environmental Protection and achieve the compulsory targets set by the government in the near future. Therefore, for the equipment that Vietnam Recycles is not collecting, consumers could contact the producer of that device for support, to avoid improper disposal that could pollute the environment.

We look forward to having more producers participate in the Vietnam Recycles program so that we have the opportunity to expand the collection categories to support our customers better in the future.


For new collection categories, conditions for on-site collection support and list of collection points: See here.

For enterprises, please contact mail@vietnamrecycles.com or hotline 0933882205 for support.